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Okay… so 2013 has entered its third week.. but I’ve just finished with this new project: 2013 Time Planner!

Dont ask, I am a very detailed person. I’ve got everything written down in agenda everyday. And yeah, that’s me. I think that having such thing is really helpful for me to be more organized and structured. Also, it helps me figure out what kind of things to focus on each day.

I started making this kind of thing back then in 2010. Then I decided to continue making it every year. Even though it’s a little bit late to just have a time planner in the third week, but it’s okay. Better late than never, huh? 😉

front coverthe front cover. made up of a thick carton wrapped with brown paper and plastic wrap.

timetableprinted timetable. wrapped with plastic wrap, to make it water resistant. hehehe.

2013 Calendarand pages of each month. plus extra space for each day to put some planning and deadlines. made up of concorde papers and simple printed table for the calendar boxes.

after that, all the contents were being put together using spiral binder. easy? it is 😉